Photobucket - Yamase Seaques is 16 years old when a wizard named Magnus suddenly appears and tells her she's destined for great things. Not long after, a demon named Kai tells her he's been hired to kill her. Caught between a war she had no intention of getting into, how will our heroine cope?

Photobucket - Magnus Muisengam is a 150 year old "White Wizard" who suddenly appears one day to protect Yamase and train her to use her newly found powers. But is he as benevolent as he seems?

Photobucket - Kai is a demon who wants to kill Yamase for reasons unknown, but Yamase accidently steals his powers away. This leaves him as a useless human who can only wait until his powers return fully before attacking her again.

Photobucket - Eric Anderson is Kira Mikan's best friend. He apparently has psychic powers, but nobody believed him until a chance encounter with Yamase in some "mystical yellow energy". He is quickly recruited to be Yamase's stabiliser, but it seems he is far more interested in being a wizard.


Photobucket - Shade is one of Kai's many half-siblings. He has the ability to make himself intangible, but is otherwise useless.

Photobucket - Nier is another of Kai's many half-siblings. He is highly intelligent and just as dangerous. He has the ability to turn any living thing that looks directly into his eyes to stone. Needless to say, he has never had a girlfriend.

Photobucket - Desdemona is another of Kai's many half-siblings. Very little is known about her, but she does seem to have an unhealthy obsession with Kai.

Photobucket - This mysterious character appears to be stalking Yamase and co. I wonder what his/her purpose is?


Photobucket - Azalea is Magnus' Master. She is the leader of the Quartets, a group of the highest level Wizards in Magia. Her specialty in magic is unknown.

[image unavailable] - Syria is the youngest of the Quartets, at a mere 100 years. She is very attached to any and all animals, and her specialty in magic is manipulating the elements.

[image unavailable] - Cyrenius is the second youngest of the Quartets, clocking in at 125 years old. He has a very flirty nature and seems very laid back compared to his fellow Quartets. His specialty in magic is materialization/conjuration.


Photobucket - Kira Mikan is Yamase's crush. He seems like a nice enough guy.

Photobucket - Joseph Trench is the mysterious boy who had Yamase's power before she did. Yamase had a minor crush on him.

Photobucket - Yuuna is Yamase's mother. She loves to cosplay and is rather fond of making tea.As of the most recent update, she has no idea that her daughter has supernatural abilities.