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Welcome to Yamase

Yamase is the story of a nonchalant young girl who randomly gets super powers. Problem is, these super powers were created with tons of secrets behind them, and now everyone in the world wants her dead. Niiiiicce. Updates on Thursdays.



Well, I've been on an unofficial hiatus since like, December 2013, but I feel that all two of my regular readers deserved something a little more official:

I've decided to put Yamase on hold for now, not because I'm gonna stop making comics, but because in between my regular job and my life I'm really not as prolific as I used to be (which should be fairly obvious by now).
However, this is not a complete stop! No way! I want to at least finish ONE MAJOR THING before I die, and I would like it if Yamase was that thing. I have such big plans for the series and it would be a darn shame if I wrapped it up just like that. But there is that little pesky problem of being a full-time teacher and fuller-time procrastinator...
SO! What I have decided to do is post chapters as I finish them within the span of one month (one page a day). This means we'll maybe go months and months without any updates, and then BAM! Like 30 pages in one month! I think this strategy works out best for me and the readers (all two of you ;] ) and is 500 times better than just letting the comic lie in a corner somewhere collecting cobwebs.

So, allow me to show you my schedule (a.k.a. what I've done with the comic in the two years it's been essentially dead a.k.a. proof that I am a lazy mother effer):

Yamase Chapter Schedule

Volume 2
Chapter 8: He came, He saw, He Didn't Leave - Done
Chapter 9: Wizarding Realm - Done
Chapter 10: Sweet Dreams You Won't Remember - Done
Chapter 11: I'm A Professional at Pretending To Be A Ninja - Art in Progress [17/34]
Chapter 12: The World Upon Your Shoulders - writing in progress.
Chapter 13: Dawn of War - WRITING DONE
Chapter 14: Dusk of War - WRITING DONE

Volume 3
Chapter 15: The Agency - WRITING DONE
Chapter 16: The Ultimate Master - WRITING DONE
Chapter 17: Clear as Coal - WRITING DONE
Chapter 18: Dragons and Demons
Chapter 19: Intervention
Chapter 20: Beyond Good and Evil
Chapter 21:The King of the Castle

Volume 4
Chapter 22: The end of an era
Chapter 23: Life as you know it
Chapter 24: Believe Me
Chapter 25: Your basic D.i.D
Chapter 26: Kai's secret
Chapter 27: The Great Undoing Part I
Chapter 28: The Great Undoing Part II
Chapter 29: Epilogue

My unrealistic goal is to complete all this in the next four years, though I expect it will take me at least another seven OTL

Aura-Alora, September 3rd, 2015, 11:45 am 0 comments

Comic Creators For Freedom


The Drive To End Human Trafficking Starts With YOU! Donate to the CCF TODAY!

Ok, not today exactly. Donations only open on the 2nd of December. But it sounded pretty catchy right?

What is this CCF thing you ask? It's a bunch of comic creators who joined together and decided that enough is enough. We've set up a fund where 100% of the donations goes towards the charity "Love148" -- a shelter that specifically deals with the victims of human trafficking. The CCF has been active for just over four years, and in total we've raised $22 000 for charity! Each donation nets you a wallpaper with the art of over 100 different artists! And they've been pretty snazzy so far! You can visit the website here.

As an added bonus for being a loyal Yamase follower despite my erratic update schedule is a piece of the puzzle: My contribution to the initiative! Behold, Awkward Middle-School Yuuna! She overslept on picture day because she had a cold. The resulting photo has never been shown to ANYONE. Before now. Brace yourself.

In addition, I'll be uploading the WHOLE of Chapter 10 during the two weeks the drive will be in action PLUS 4 BONUS PAGES!

That's pretty cool!

Also, by emailing me your donation receipt, you can earn a free commission of one character of your choice! My email address is aura DOT alora AT gmail DOT com (replace DOT and AT with . and @)

Aura-Alora, November 21st, 2013, 3:17 pm 0 comments

Yamase is updating again!

Just for December, and then after that I'm not sure what's going to happen D=

Also, I can't remember the password or email address I used for the Yamase deviantart account. So Yamase will no longer be updating there...unless one day I magically remember XD
Aura-Alora, December 4th, 2012, 4:00 am 0 comments

It's almost my birthday!

Yay! My parents got me an early present in the form of boots. =D
Aura-Alora, April 3rd, 2012, 12:22 pm 0 comments

Comic Creators for Freedom!

It's that time of year again, and I've once again participated in the Comic Creators for Freedom initiative! If anyone has some spare change lying around, please donate! <3 I'll be adding a link as soon as donations go live.

EDIT!!! The donation drive has gone live! Here's the direct link for donating:
and here's a link to the website for anyone who wants to know more:

If you donate, you'll get a cool wallpaper as a reward ;)
And here's a little snippet:

If you donate and email your donation receipt to Crystal Yates, of Earthsong fame,you can also get another wallpaper! That's two for the price of one ;)

And since I can't donate myself because of circumstances and I'm not as big on the Internet as other participants I will offer an extra update page for everyone who donates. That means is Person A donates, and Person B donates--I'll offer 2 extra pages. The catch is that you have to send me your donation receipts so I can be sure you've donated. My email address is aura.alora AT gmail DOT com, obviously replacing the words with the actual @ and . signs =3
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I was browsing through someone else's page and found this cool widget thing that plays music while you're reading the comic! I thought it would be pretty cool if I had that too, so you guys can get a feel of the mood intended for the comic!

I understand the negative implications of this (a.k.a you're listening to other music and it's disruptive) but you have the ability to pause or stop the music if you find it annoying =)

Let me know if I should keep it or not!
Aura-Alora, November 8th, 2011, 4:05 am 2 comments

Last day of CCA

Hello there!
Just thought I'd remind anyone reading this that today is the last day to donate to the CCA!! If you have spare charge lying around--please do not hesitate and make a difference =)
If you email your paypal receipts to Crystal Yates of Earthsong fame, you can get a wallpaper from her as well! That's like two wallpapers for the price of one! Oh and you can email your receipts to me as well for a free sketch of your choice! Last chance people, make it count ;)

Visit the CCA website here:
Aura-Alora, January 24th, 2011, 10:27 am 0 comments

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

I hope everybody has had a great New Year so far!

OK, on to the news, I've joined the Comic Creator's Alliance, which (in short)are comic creators who are against Human Trafficking. I know my corner of the interwebz is small, but I figured that even this little corner of the internet has something to give. For all those interested in donating, please check out the website!

Aura-Alora, January 1st, 2011, 4:05 am 0 comments

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